The Best Water Filtration System Options

The Best Water Filtration System Options

Aussie Filtration is glad to hear that people are becoming more health-conscious about the water they are drinking. Water filtration systems are on the rise as everyone is becoming more concerned about themselves, the environment and how buying filtered water in bottles is causing massive waste.

The Best Water Filtration System Options

Aussie Filtration is determined to create a standard where filtered water is affordable and can be installed in every household.

How You Benefit From Our Filtration System

What makes Aussie Filtration such a good option for you? Well, there are many different benefits that will help change your daily life for the better. From a great cost, great installation and easy upkeep, the plentiful amount of options that are available to you can mean there is the perfect filter for you.

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Great For The Cost

If you are looking for water filtration systems that are easy on the wallet then you found the best company. Our design and business philosophies revolve around delivering value and quality to our customers, and part of this is ensuring our products are affordable. All of our products are of only the highest quality and often exceed Australian manufacturing standards by a considerable margin.

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Easy Clean And Pure Water

When it comes to owning a water filter the process of installing it couldn’t be easier. Most purchases will have our employees set up your new water filter, so after you purchase a filter you can sit back and relax.

Whether it’s under the sink or as a separate station, maintaining an Aussie Natural water filter is as easy as can be.

Many Options To Suit Your Wants

With a huge variety of different water filtration systems, whatever your specific needs or requirements we’ve got a perfect solution. Now you can incorporate water filtration systems into any lifestyle without any worry.

If you want to learn about each individual option then continue reading.

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What Options Are Available To You


Cool And Cold Water Filters:

The cool and cold water filters are perfect for almost any situation where you need clean filtered water that is portable. Filtered water is cool and all but when its also cold, those warm days are but a breeze. On top of this knowing that you are reducing wastes, saving money, providing clean water and just being conscious about your health are excellent reasons to pick a cool and cold water filter.

Hot And Cold Water Filters:

Now the hot and cold water filter takes a step up from the cool and cold and dives into the realm of hot beverages. As the hot water is almost instant you can enjoy a coffee or hot chocolate quickly. Not only this but all the water that comes out is pure, filtered and is much better quality than generic tap water. Being both affordable and easy to use, the hot and cold water filter station is a great rent.

Static Options

HydroTap Range:

If you prefer a more permanent option and don’t want to bulk up the area under your sink then the HydroTap range is the best option. The HydroTap is easily able to filter the water as it passes through, offer instant warm or cold water all while having a sleek design. Offered in 4 different style choices, the HydroTap range is perfect for homes and business alike.

In-Line And Custom Range:

The In-Line and Custom range is the most popular and effective water filters on the market. Being able to easily remove 98% and more of any debris, bacteria and other bad materials like metals from your drinking water. Able to fit under any sink and even easier to replace the filters inside, you can’t go wrong with the In-Line water filter.

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Why Choose Us?

Aussie Filtration is different from other water filter companies in Australia as they really want to make sure the products are great and the customers experience even better. Most models you will buy will offer replacement filters every month without any extra costs, fast and user friendly designs and a customer support team that will help you any way they can.

The constant increase in innovation is what gives Aussie Filtration a step above the rest. By redesigning the wheel of water filters, Aussie Filtration helps lead in developments in areas that keep your water clean and filtered.

What makes Aussie a great option is that there is no lock-in contract, no huge costs and no unnecessary price increases. With renting being the main option for portable filters there is a quick and easy purchase process if you need a water filter at an event. If you want a filter for home then the options of the HydroTap and In-Line will suit daily life and create little hassle while taking up very little space.

If you want to purchase a water filter for home or water filtration systems for your business then browse the products today.

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