Ways To Improve Sexual Function

Ways To Improve Sexual Function

Sex is a primal human need. It is inherent and intrinsic to all humans, barring exceptions. Yet, talking about sex is considered a taboo subject in many societies. No one wants to have a healthy conversation about it.

This lack of information about the natural process leads to confusions in men and women, of all age brackets. The element of shame involved makes it worse; asking about it, pleading ignorance is akin to admitting one’s own failure.

It is especially common in men; their alpha maleness prevents them from asking about how to improve their sexual performance. Then there are issues pertaining to size, girth etc. All these questions that go unanswered, lead to further stress.

The onslaught of doubt about being able to give pleasure to one’s own partner then leads to performance anxiety. Whereas women might still be able to fake it, men are disadvantaged. Anxiety and stress lead to erectile dysfunction in men, preventing them from having satisfying intercourse. If the issue persists, men have to visit the Sexologist in Lahore for getting better.

Working Towards Better Sexual Functionality

Bottom line is, it is important to take charge for improving sexual functionality.  Even small things can lead to improved sex life. As a result, one is not just able have a more satisfying and pleasurable sex life, but also get rid of the stress that accompanies lack of enjoyable sex.

Take Care Of Your Heart

It is imperative for men to take care of their heart. If blood flow to the penis is compromised, it can result in lack of firmness in the erection to complete erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, make sure to maintain heart health. Exercise is important for improving blood supply in the body. Do not eat much fatty and greasy food, lest there is a buildup of bad cholesterol in the body, which impedes blood flow.

They should also monitor their blood pressure levels if they are at risk or have family history of it.

Eat For Better Health

Diet is essential for improved health, sexual and otherwise. Certain foods are helpful for improving blood supply. These include onions and garlic etc.

Peppers are also great for sexual health; they are helpful for improving endurance. Potassium rich foods are excellent for preventing hypertension. They also help in better muscular performance, and hence are great for stamina.

Make sure to also add complex carbohydrate to your diet, especially before sex. They provide with energy that is essential for a good round of sex.


One excellent way to build stamina –the gateway to good sex life –is through exercise. It is not just important to have abdominal strength, but upper body strength is also required just as well.

Therefore, make sure to do exercises like bench pressing, bicep curls etc. to make your muscles stronger. Improve your core strength by doing sit-ups, crunches, pushups etc. A strong pelvic floor also is helpful for improved sexual performance.

Moreover, exercise also helps increase your range of motion, an important component for having an active and fun sex life.


Stress wreaks havoc on life in general, and sex life in particular. It causes reduced sex drive, and performance is also severely affected. Men might not be able to get an erection from the stress, such profound is its impact.

Thus, make sure that you manage your stress levels. Exercise, mindfulness, yoga are some of the excellent and effective ways to curb stress. However, some people might still require the help of a therapist.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol

Tobacco contains chemical that are harmful for your health. They impede blood flow to the body, and also cause high blood pressure, both of which are counterintuitive for satisfying sex life.  Smoking can also cause erectile dysfunction, therefore, quit smoking for health and vitality.

Similarly, alcohol is also not helpful for good sex life. It leads to dulling of the sensations, which certainly is not helpful for a good time between the sheets.

Talk To Your Partner

It takes two to tango, and have sex.

Thus, sex cannot be a solitary journey; your partner needs to be on board as well. Therefore, is important that you have a candid conversation with your partner about things that are working out for you.

Many people do not talk to their partner, but rather, get insecure about things like appearance, size, girth etc. Hence, get rid of the added stress and communicate openly with your partner.

Seek Help

It is perfectly okay to seek medical help if your sex life is a source of dissatisfaction. There may be involved psychological factors that may be impairing your sexual function. At times, diseases and conditions like erectile dysfunction are behind dissatisfying, or nonexistent sex life. In such cases, the best route is through top Sexologist in Karachi, who can help you navigate the sexual issues.

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