How to Do Landscaping Edging

How To Do Landscaping Edging

There are a lot of aspects of design that go into landscaping. Colour, layout, form, function – these all come together to make a landscape that is beautiful to look at while still serving a purpose. One of the less-considered parts of landscape design, but an important one all the same, is landscape edging.

How To Do Landscaping Edging

Landscape edging refers to the parts of a landscape that are used to define different spaces from one another. This can range from flower beds, to shrubbery, to walkways. Landscape edging provides a clean and crisp division between these spaces that helps to define and contrast transitions between areas, lending a cohesive yet distinct look to your garden that you can be proud of.

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If you’re wanting the design and functional benefits of Perth landscaping edging, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it, it’s always best to consult the landscaping professionals. Using their expertise, tools, and designing knowledge, they’ll be able to figure out what type of edging works best for your specific garden, and the best way to place this type of bordering aspect. This can range from pavers, hedges, fencing, even rocks – each type of landscape edging serves a different purpose, which means it’s better to consult with a landscaping expert to not only ensure the cohesiveness of your design, but also to ensure that you’re using the right edging in the right spaces.

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What Is The Best Edging For Landscaping?

As stated above, the best edging for Perth landscaping isn’t one size fits all. Depending on which areas of your garden you want to create a distinct section of, different types of edging go along with specific sections. There are four types of edging that you can use.

Lawn and garden dividers are really just to create a division and distinction between your lawn and garden beds. This can be as simple as the addition of a shallow ditch or a trenched edge.  Mowing strips utilise flat surfaces and wide materials to ensure a solid base that will make it easy to use a lawnmower when necessary: think bricks, pavers, flagstones.  Mulch capture, on the other hand, focuses on edging to ensure plants beds that are heavily mulched are kept in place. This means going for edging solutions that extends at least two inches above the ground to maximise the benefits of mulching. And lastly, beauty edging refers to the type of edging that is used for aesthetic purposes, and can make use of any type of edging as a result.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to do Perth landscaping edging. The most important thing to remember is to consider what your specific landscape and garden’s needs and specifications are, and what your budget is, to ensure that you are using the right edging for your needs while also adding to the design and aesthetic of your landscape.

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