Why Dubai Is The Ultimate Destination For Your Honeymoon

Why Dubai Is The Ultimate Destination For Your Honeymoon

Why Dubai Is The Ultimate Destination For Your Honeymoon

Dubai, the golden city, is most popular because of the elite shopping malls, restaurants, arena’s, and posh high rise buildings. However, things in this magnificent city are transforming in the past few years. Before, Dubai was the go-to place for celebrating holidays like New Year’s, Christmas, and summer vacations. Now, apart from being the absolute spot for the youngsters to experience the high-life with their friends, it is also the supreme honeymoon stop. Dubai is the city to choose to go with your partner and spend a few weeks of pure bliss in the majestic land of serene beaches and romantic destinations.

Honeymoon is the time when lovers want to spend quality time with each other and make memories of a lifetime. For both men and women, it holds equal importance. Deciding which country to visit can be an overwhelming job with so many options at hand. However, if you narrow down the range of countries on the basis of cost, convenience, and above all – beauty, Dubai will most probably top the list. With options like Madinat Jumeirah living, scenic resorts to buy, and outstanding hotels to live in, this city full of charm will make your honeymoon trip one hell of a time!

For your convenience, below is a compilation of all the places that make Dubai the perfect destination for lovebirds!

Anantara – The Palm Dubai Resort

If you want your partner to feel awe-struck with the exotic splendour of Palm Jumeirah, this wonderous resort is the ideal place. It is a Thai-themed resort that offers a plethora of amenities. With services like complimentary breakfast, you can enjoy chic and comfortable rooms with all the modern facilities like smart technology, cozy terraces, and balconies. Some rooms give access to private pools, the beach, and the surrounding lagoons. If you want to stay in a place where your privacy is most respected, the top floors of this splendid resort should be your go-to!

The cost per night at Anantara – The Palm Dubai Resort is 14000/INR (exclusive of tax). It is quite affordable with amenities like five global restaurants, a Thai cooking experience, boat cruises, a fitness centre, and many other water activities.

Four Seasons Resort Dubai

Located on the glorious Jumeirah beach, this luxury resort is the dream place to experience with your partner. Inspired by Arabian architecture, it lies right across the picturesque beach. If you want to wake up to the sound of crashing waves on the beach with your partner, a beachfront resort is a right choice, and this hotel is exactly that and much more. The rooms of this high-end resort boast accents of Arabic nature – mosaic and marble, which is the highlight of Four Seasons Resort. You can enjoy your morning coffee by taking in the gorgeous view of the entire Gulf from the connected balconies.

Each room is equipped with a comfortable sofa, a smart flat TV, an iPad mini, and a tub that is everything one needs to have a romantic stay with their partner. If you get yourself a room from their deluxe collection, they will offer you an indoor kitchen and a fitness area as well. Imagine getting to experience all these luxuries in 18000/INR per night!

Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

This futuristic high-rise resort is situated right next to the famous Jumeirah beach. The other majestic tourist destinations like Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall are also in close proximity. If you want to relish the true essence of central Dubai, this resort is perfect as it is a mix of a luxury and romantic honeymoon destination! You can stay in a spacious and ultra-chic room that is equipped with all the necessities like a minibar, TV, and music system needed for an impeccable romantic stay.

If you have the budget, the fancy suites can make your time in Dubai unforgettable. These come with infinity pools and connected balconies, from where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the beach and sip on exotic cocktails. Furthermore, the rooms also feature jacuzzi tubs and hot tubs. The value of money is more than exceptional as it is only 9000/INR per night ( exclusive of tax).

You can also try out the Emaar Beachfront to enjoy the scenic beauty of Dubai.

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