What Can You Do With VPS Hosting Besides Hosting Websites?

What Can You Do With VPS Hosting Besides Hosting Websites?

A VPS or Virtual Private Server is most commonly used for web hosting. Several growing websites and businesses opt for a VPS Server Hosting solution to host their websites on an isolated server environment with enhanced server control and security.

However, suppose you have migrated your website to another hosting provider, or you don’t have a lot of use for your VPS plan. In that case, you can use it in multiple other ways to increase your productivity.

You can use your Windows or Linux VPS Server Hosting as an Email Server, for file sharing, as a gaming server, and do several other things for higher efficiency and make the best out of your VPS Server.

What More Can You Do with VPS Hosting?

If used correctly, VPS Hosting can offer you more than just VPS Hosting plans. Here are some creative ways or ideas to leverage your VPS Hosting apart from website hosting.

1. Collaborative File Editing

There are several collaborative suites available that allow editing spreadsheets and documents as a team. Unfortunately, these suites, including Microsoft Office 365 or Google WorkSpace (Eg. Google Docs), connect multiple users across third-party platforms, undermining security and privacy.

Therefore, you can easily install your own and secure collaborative real-time editor instead of using these platforms. Applications such as CryptPad.fr, Etherpad, EtherCalc are great installation options for your VPS Hosting for a secure and efficient collaborative file editing experience.

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM applications help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) target external efforts and initiatives with prospective customers and current clients.

Customer Relationship Management:

  • Tracks prospects through sales funnels.
  • Builds customer relationships to increase sales of new products and services.
  • Provides a hub for technical support requests and customer service.

You can either opt for ZenDesk or Salesforce cloud-based CRM solutions on your VPS Server to get valuable insights, enhance employee productivity, and optimize business workflow.

3. Server Software and Code Testing

You can use your VPS Hosting in India to install software or applications for testing if your business develops apps.

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With a virtual working space with your VPS Server, your team members or developers can access a common, virtual location for remote work development.

They can easily use this space to securely test software applications in a live setting without needing an expensive server. So, before taking the applications to live, you can easily test them and resolve the bugs without worrying about vulnerabilities or cyber-attack threats.

4. Set Up and Host a VPN

You can use your VPS Hosting to host a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to create a private and secure connection on a public network.

VPN encrypts wireless connections, preventing hackers from damaging your systems or reading sensitive information. In addition, you can also bypass regional restrictions and connect to your VPN irrespective of your location when you host VPN on VPS.

Other uses of VPS Hosting include social networking, media streaming, project management, video teleconferences, and more.


In India, VPS Hosting lets you achieve more things beyond website hosting. It lets you do interesting and useful things like test applications and codes, host a VPN, create a collaborative file editing environment, and more.

However, VPS Hosting is also best-suited for businesses looking for a secure, customizable, and flexible hosting solution that offers full root access for enhanced server control. Thus, if you also need a hosting service that provides the features mentioned above, buy VPS Hosting services for the success of your business.

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