The Role Of A Water Sub Meter

The Role Of A Water Sub Meter

The Role Of A Water Sub Meter

Have your tenants asked you to sub meter their commercial space yet? If not, they most likely will soon! With water sub-metering, the tenants are sure that their bills and leasing structure are just, that they’ve got a return on investment of their individual energy conservation projects, and that they can proudly recognize as sustainability leaders.

The majority of building tenants pay utility bills for their space by square foot, but this can be an issue for the units that have got lower energy consumption but larger areas.

A sub meter is a device that keeps an eye on steam, electricity, gas, and water. Utilities sell their services and with utility grade meters they are capable of collecting the information on how much of those services are being utilized. Sub meters for single jet water meters also imitate this kind of data collection and send information through your business management system at regular intervals with the intention of checking usage.

Every sub meter is connected to each line and as the gas, water, electricity, or other product passes through it, it tracks the total utilization per unit. Non-networked and networked are basically the two most common types of sub meters.

Non-networked sub meters don’t directly connect to the data hub and have to be read manually. They are the same as the meters used by the service companies that are read every month. On the other side, networked sub meters are straightforwardly connected to the data collection device wirelessly or they can be wired as well.

Sub metering not just saves energy and makes sure a more eco-friendly building, it even lowers the overall utility expenditure of the building, increasing the bottom line of the property. Sub metering data enables you to implement best practices to manage usage depending on utility pricing structures, and benchmark usage for similar facilities over dissimilar periods of time. Moreover, it even helps to identify what equipment is running needlessly on the weekends, when no one is at the office, or at night.

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