Indo-western Desserts for all Your Celebrations

Indo-western Desserts for all Your Celebrations

Indo-western Desserts for all Your Celebrations

Indians love sweets. There is no doubt about that. They worship sweets. Do you know there is a dessert associated with every god in India? Fusion dishes are becoming more popular day by day, especially at weddings. For those who find the term new, a fusion dessert is a result of experimenting with the major ingredients of a dessert and mixing it with other ingredients. When an Indian meets with a Westerner that’s where the fusion is born. There are many Indian sweet dishes that have been made using the recipes from the west for a delicious new dessert.

Below given is a list of delicious fusion desserts that will take you to a whole new world. Read on while we tickle your taste buds!

Moti-Chur Ice cream

Moti-chur ice cream is an Indo-Western fusion dessert that you will definitely like. If you are a true ice cream lover then you cannot stop yourself from trying this amazing fusion of Moti-chur and any ice cream flavour.

Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

The ultimate Gulab Jamun enters like a superhero. What a wonderful fusion of Gulab Jamun flavoured Cheesecake. One thing you keep in mind is balancing the sweetness of the recipe and still tasting heavenly.

Turmeric Ice-cream

Turmeric is one important ingredient in every house. It is the most powerful antibiotic spice on the planet. So here’s an interesting twist to your ice-cream. Give your celebrations a new twist by introducing this new flavour of ice-cream.

Choco Gujiya

It is not exactly a combination of sweets that you will serve at a party or occasion. But imagine the smile on your loved ones’ faces when they get to eat something other than traditional Indian sweets. A delicious combination of Gujiya and chocolate. Include some cinnamon sugar for great taste.

Jalebi pizza

An Italian pizza with jalebi and rabri toppings? Already drooling? A perfect pizza with the best combination of rabri and jalebi on bread crust is a delicious example of a modern Indian dessert. A must try!

Vanilla Flavored Pistachio Rasmalai Cake

A toothsome cake made of vanilla and pistachios and tastes like ras malai will make your party memorable. Your loved ones will go crazy over this delectable fusion cake. If you are wondering to order a cake online in Bangalore or wherever city you reside, just visit any reputed online bakery and place your order.

 Gajar Halwa Trifle

Another favourite Indian dessert that can be made more creatively is carrot pudding. Serve the Gajar pudding in a fancy bowl or large wine glass and turn it into a trifle by laying it with fruits, custard cake and coconut cream and topped with almonds or pistachios or more fruit.

Jalebi caviar

Jalebi caviar is a fusion that will make all Jalebi lovers go down on their knees. Jalebi is converted to a caviar-like texture. Rabri is then made from pistachios. The name sounds ordinary, but the taste is surprisingly well balanced. This fusion works for two reasons, the sweetness of jalebi and the saltiness of caviar making for a combination that balances the right amount.

Kiwi barfi

We have saffron barfi, pistachio barfi, and cashew barfi! We all love these delicious sweets. So, any other flavour can not do any harm. All in all, what is your opinion about Kiwi Barfi? You can make Kiwi Barfi in two different styles. One way is to spread the kiwi pieces inside a simple cashew barfi. Another way is to extract the kiwi extract and make barfi from it. In any case, you just gave the Western touch to the delicious Indian sweets.

If you are already drooling over these desserts, order one now! Happy eating!

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