Home Remodelling and Additions Which One Is Cheaper?

Did you know that some home additions are actually costlier than the related remodeling? Well, I thought of bringing this to your attention if you have been thinking about the small space you are currently having in your house and you are thinking about having more. There is so much information on the internet about home additions, the contractors are also very many, but some things that cannot pass your eye are a must-read. As a house owner, you need to know how much do home additions cost in the Bay Area before settling on a decision.

In this write-up, I am going to bring to you the things that make a house addition more expensive as compared to remodeling, however, a consultation from a house remodeler may give you the best decision to make, whether remodeling or addition. But meanwhile, some of the features that make home additions more expensive are;

New Roofing

It is very obvious that when constructing a house, one requires to have budgeted the roof of the house. This is also a requirement when doing a house addition, the added house be it a kitchen extension or living room will require a roof.  This simply implies an extra cost that makes it costlier as compared to the house remodeling where the initial roof would still serve the extra space you needed.

Exterior and Interior Decorations

As a new addition to the room you need will be built from scratch, you will not neet it looks like a skeleton while the entire house and walls are well polished and decorated. The roof and the walls will require new polishing, a new ceiling, and wall decorations. This means digging deeper into your pocket than if it would be remodeling.

New Floors Development

A floor that is not built on is made of dust and soil, you cannot remail on empty soil when you have a house addition on the floor, it will require a floor design and tiles also. The materials for setting up a floor may not be so expensive but the setting up itself will require some technique to set up so you do not get into problems with drainage and sewerage and therefore more expensive.

Extra Electrical and Plumbing Equipment

An added room will require lighting and ways to drain any excess water that spills on the floor. This will lead to an extra expense that can be avoided if one chose to have his house or room remodeled.