Hb3 Series LED Headlight Bulbs

Hb3 Series LED Headlight Bulbs

Hb3 Series LED Headlight Bulbs

Replacing old halogen bulbs with LED lights will be a good option to increase the brightness of the lights. Because it generates less heat while increasing brightness. We have brand new LED bulbs for drivers looking to upgrade the look and performance of their inventory of dim and yellow bulbs.

Top Features of 9005 Series LED Bulbs

600% Brighter Than Halogen

SuncentAuto 9005/HB3 LED Headlight Bulbs, Bright White 6500K, 90W/set, 20000LM/set, which is 6 times brighter than ordinary halogen bulbs. So that the distance of the light can stretch up to 1200 FT and the perfect light beam will prevent the oncoming driver from being dazzled.

Ensuring a Longer Lifespan

Built-in 12,000rpm mini fan, higher heat dissipation efficiency, up to 60% heat dissipation compared to traditional LED bulbs. And the unique hollow-carved cooler design and IP68 waterproof system guarantee a longer lifespan of up to 100,000 hours.

Easy Installation

The bulbs are compact in size and redesigned to fit perfectly in the housing/socket. It takes 5-10 minutes to install the bulb without tools.

Fits 99% of Vehicle

LED bulbs 9005 Compatible with most vehicle computer systems with no radio interference, flickering etc. If you are not sure which bulb size is correct for your vehicle, please refer to your vehicle manual, and the part number on the original bulb or please contact us to confirm the bulb model.

Price: 17259.00 Rs CCJK 9005/HB3/H10 LED Headlight Bulbs - 100W 12000LM 6000K X

Quality Assurance

Compared to most LED headlight bulbs on the market, Novsight’s product level is higher, especially in terms of overall bulb material and heat dissipation system. In order for most car owners to buy products with confidence, we offer a two-year warranty on the light.

Light Show

Installation of 9005 led bulbs 9005 bulbs for SUV cars.

LED Headlight Conversion Kit HB3/9005 Headlight Bulb Specifications

  • Source type: LED light
  • Item weight: 10 oz
  • Color temperature: 6500 Kelvin
  • Product dimensions: 4.8 x 4.13 x 2.48 inches
  • Warranty: Warranty 2 years

Important Points:

  1. The filter system is not 100% accurate and there may be slight differences between different models. Please check the original bulb size carefully before placing an order. If you need technical help, we have one-on-one professional support.
  2. If there is an interference problem, by providing your model and bulb type, we will give you a corresponding solution according to your headlight problem.
  3. Our LED only replaces halogen bulbs. Does not replace factory HID or LED.

On our website, a light bulb sizes chart is also available so that everyone can get the according to size.

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