7 Ways To Make Your Bedroom More Spacious

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Your bedroom is the most private place in your home. It’s where you sleep, have deep thoughts, work, and enjoy time with yourself. Keeping it clean and organized builds a conducive and peaceful environment for you to dwell. And the multitude of bedroom goal photos online makes you want to remodel your bedroom into a double-tap-worthy sanctuary.

Don’t worry about having a cozy, small bedroom. Here are seven tips to get you started on making your bedroom more spacious, tidy, and suited to your personality.

Maximize Vertical Storage

Using vertical space is a foolproof way to expand your room space while organizing your clothes, shoes, trinkets, and decor. Floating shelves, clothes racks, and hooks are effortless ways to create wall storage. While many bedrooms have built-in cabinetry, adding vertical storage allows you to add more space to organize your things without crowding your wardrobe.

Reduce the Size of Your Bed

As much as a king- or queen-sized bed fulfills your cuddle-weather dreams, if your bedroom is not that spacious, smaller bed frames are ideal for creating more space for other furniture and for you to move around freely.

Single-sized beds are not only space-saving, but they are also perfect for bedrooms in cozier studio condo units. If you live with a partner, a double-sized bed is an ideal alternative to queen-sized beds.

You may also go for a futon, a sofa bed, or a hammock. You may also choose to remove the bed frame altogether, to save space by using multifunctional furniture. Low-legged furniture pieces also create a zen-like ambiance similar to modern Japanese homes. For example, Marco Polo Residences in Cebu offers minimalist interiors in their suites, making them suitable for shorter furniture pieces. Not only do you reduce the size of your bed, but you also expand your bedroom space by using a bed that doubles as a sofa.

Create a Floating Bed

Build a floating bed so you can maximize your floor space as a home office or a gaming station in case your bedroom is tiny and can only fit a bed, cabinet, and a small table. A floating bed also allows you to reach the overhead shelves that are hard-to-reach from the floor. Use the lower bunk as your work desk or shelves to house your collections, books, and other items.

Use Your Bed as a Storage

Use the under of your bed as extra storage by utilizing plastic containers or replacing your bed frame with those that have drawers underneath. Your bed will serve as a sleeping quarter and a wardrobe or storage for shoes.

Get a headboard with storage spaces to hold books, bedroom decor, your alarm clock, and a lampshade. If you don’t want a headboard to occupy space, install an overhead shelf to act as a storage headboard instead.

Build a Closet on your Wall

Don’t have any cabinets in your unit? Create closet space by mounting a clothes rack below your floating shelves. Use it to hang articles of clothing such as jeans, dresses, coats, jackets, slacks, belts, and hats. Store your shoes on the floating shelves or below your clothes. Your mounted closet will also act as a decorative piece to your bedroom.

Hang Drapes

Create the illusion of a more expansive bedroom by hanging drapes. Hanging floor-to-ceiling drapery tricks the eye into seeing a more spacious and taller bedroom. Choose drapes that match your wall’s color so your eyes won’t get distracted by deep, contrasting colors. Choosing various shades of the same color helps you stay with your bedroom’s theme and aesthetic.

Go Minimalist

Minimalism is an ideal theme to expand space or create the illusion of a bigger space. Use your bed drawers to store clothing, shoes, and other items you don’t want to display. Keep your floor clutter-free by organizing your closets and cupboards to hold your things. Minimalism creates a crisp, refreshing, and clean atmosphere pleasing to your eyes. Less clutter also means easier cleaning, organizing,  and maintaining.

You don’t need to have a bedroom as big as a house to fit your closet and beloved trinkets. Create more space by using these seven helpful tips and see how much you can make out of your bedroom.


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